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Working to become a Rejuvenation & Nutritional Coaching 

Give workshops - Private Coaching, work health Events- Private Events and Yoga Studios, Gyms as well as deliver Private group sessions. Corporate Events, train others & More


This is also for private use if you want to learn deep meditation for life and health improvement purposes. Ebooks, support  and other Busines Development materials are included 




I’m sure you know of Jennifer Lopez.


She is over 50  years old but still looks 30. She attributes her youthful look to the basics: exercise, good sleep, meditation, water, and moisturizer.


Liu Yelin is another 50-year-old “hot” mom, often mistaken for his son’s girlfriend. So how exactly do people stop rapidly approaching the age in its tracks?


Want to know, teach and coach others the secret to freezing your aging process? Whether cosmetic or emblematic of a deeper health issue, signs of premature aging of the skin, hair, brain or body may add decades to our chronological age. Become an Age Reversing & Nutritional Coach ( Not Doctor / Not Scientist ) But a great demand Coach. The industry is booming!  This class is accredited and offers a Coaching certification class.   The business of Coaching is in great demand,  and growing even more.   This is a very lucrative Nitch and the growth and opportunities are unlimited! Give workshops, Become a Coach, Work at a Gym, work in diet centers, start your own business. This is the time to get yourself a dream career almost for free.   Over 15 Book and business development materials, as well as ongoing support and a free Facebook support group, are included.   


Here is what you will learn 

All juicy information on how to turn back your biological clock…


Stress Management 

How to look young, vibrant and energetic 


Daily lifestyle and the huge role in the reverse aging process?


Reclaiming your youth


Optimize your health and prolong your life…


How to naturally reclaim your youthful looks, energy, strength, and libido without resorting to extreme measures?

Food As Medicine



So what is crucial to keep you young and healthy on the outside as well as on the inside?


Ways to stay young and have ourselves looking and feeling fabulous…


Discover How To Freeze Your Aging Process Here

You don't need to sacrifice your sleep to spend long hours working out.


Diet and other lifestyle practices.


The cellular level,  mitochondria creates the energy needed for our cells to keep life going.

Diets of Today 

Veganism & Raw Eating


How scientists have found that this decline in mitochondria’s efficiency can be slowed down or even reversed by adopting a few lifestyle habits.

How to improve your overall health?


How to reduce or prevent grey hair and wrinkles?


How to wake up every day full of energy, vitality, and vibrancy?


How You can easily slow down your aging process by following natural anti-aging strategies…


You don’t have to go through expensive cosmetic surgeries, creams, or treatments to age reversely

Atkins , Keto & Paleo 

ow to Coach others


How to develop a super booked Coaching Firm


Basics of Nutrition


The different diets in the market today and how they work 


How to market your Business and introduce coaching to your Coaching business

How to Use Social Media effectively

How to get massive customers via youtube videos

Customer Intake Business Administration forms  and books included


ATTENTION  This is not a Degree in Nutrition  

Its a program designed to give you a very good foundation to start understanding the different nutritional programs that are in the market today so you can understand better how to Coaching others.  



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.  The price of the class is  $149.   After you make your payment you will receive an immediate official enrollment email with a receipt as well as your PayPal receipt with the transaction. The links to your class will be included and all school services are immediately activated for you! See you in Class!

What is included with the class includes:

  • Over 10 Electronic Books  

  • Business Administration Forms

  • An online business advertising class

  • Access to the work and business online support center

  • Lifetime access to class  

  • Free ongoing live  Facebook support group 

There is a $25 Dollar Refund Administrative Fee - No refunds after the student has gained access to classes and materials

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