Thank You For Your Love & Trust

See You In Class! 

I am Andreina Lionza  Urdaneta a Globally Known 5 Star Rated  Spiritual Counselor , Intuitive Adviser, Reiki Master and the Instructor of This Class. I will be working with you, supporting you with our great team, via Facebook Support Group at no additional charge. If you got the Love.... we got the tools! You must do this right from the get-go so you won't ruin your opportunity. I am here for you.​ Our beginner's Training modules will offer you an inexpensive way to get the training you need to do things right from the first time. It is my intention to help you succeed step by step as you enter into what could be one of the most rewarding years of your life. Our Modules were designed to support you during and after your live classes with me.

This is a very generous class and I will be giving you a full, detailed and generous class, that brings over 15 E-Books and over 10 Gifts for your new Online practice. I  provide fast clear lessons that bring palpable results, which will help you deliver memorable sessions even with no prior experience at all, in more awareness, confidence, and fun. I will be online with you via Facebook Chat during your first call taking a day, working with the largest networks in the world. You learn to recognize the parts that are important to start taking calls in just a few days and learn as you earn.



info@coachlionza.com  |  Tel. 323-399-2322

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