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Working to become a Meditation Master  Instructor.  If you want to teach others


Giver workshops -  Work Health Events- Private Events and Yoga Studios as well as deliver Private sessions. Corporate Events & More​. This is also for private use if you want to learn deep meditation for life and health improvement purposes. Ebooks, support  and other Busines Development materials are included 





Why Is Now The Best TimeTo Start? well, The world needs  YOU!

The Only Course You Need For Maximizing Your Mindful  Meditation Practice

And yourself!

Mindful Meditation will show you where to begin but it is ultimately your own effort to break your habits and behavioral patterns for a happier and healthier you.  Did you know that…With the help of meditation practices..

Eighty percent of hypertensive patients have lowered blood pressure and decreased medications - 16% are able to discontinue all of their medications. These results lasted at least three years.


One-hundred percent of insomnia patients reported improved sleep and 91% either eliminated or reduced sleeping medication use.


Infertile women have a 42% conception rate, a 38% take-home baby rate, and decreased levels of depression, anxiety, and anger.


High school students exposed to a relaxation response-based curriculum had significantly increased their self-esteem. 


This system has helped me figure everything out how to transform my mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful and from unhappy to happy…  When we practice mindful meditation and examine new positive thoughts and feelings, it serves as a roadmap to different choices and opportunities… Discover Ancient And Proven Methods To Triple Your Productivity, Vitality & Finally Experience True Joy.   I’ll Personally Show You Ways You Can Use Meditation To Dissolve Any Barriers To A Better Life. The Journey Within That Will Unearth Your True Power Mindful Meditation is your go-to Master Guide to bringing their productivity levels to the next stage while handling the hair-pulling stress that comes with it like nothing.  You will discover new abilities to focus, think creatively and perform without anxiety or stress. Find out how to “evolve” yourself into a happier, more successful and loved by others. It’s all within you.  You’re About To Discover Amazing Ways To Boost Your Firm's Productivity And Health


  • How mindful meditation can improve your relationships by dissolving negative emotion that is keeping you down


  • How successful multi-millionaires use mindful meditation as a weapon for success.


  • The meditation technique that will make you joyful just to be alive

  • Become a unique individual who stands out and makes people notice


  • Accomplish tenfold of what was thought possible


  • Magnetize people with your natural charm and calming energy


  • Become a world-class performer in whatever you do

  • Develop a deeper focus and better-thinking abilities


  • Understand what is keeping you from your goals and overcome them


  • Become a loving person that everyone enjoys being around


  • Live the life you’ve been dreaming of


  • Manage self-doubt, fears, and anxieties


  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


  • You will feel the changes in a day, change your body in a few weeks, and become a completely new person in a month!


  • Mindful meditation’s effects grow more and more powerful the longer you do it.

  • Video 1: Introduction

Duration: 5:48 min

  • Video 2: What is Mindful Meditation

Duration: 5:15 min

  • Video 3: How To Practice Mindful Meditation

Duration: 5:58 min

  • Video 4: More Mindful Meditation Techniques

Duration: 5:03 min

  • Video 5: Mindful Meditation and The Brain

Duration: 3:23 min

  • Video 6: Why is Awareness So Important

Duration: 8:58 min

  • Video 7: Mindful Meditation And Work

Duration: 4:23 min

  • Video 8: Mindful Meditation And Relationships

Duration: 3:54 min

  • Video 9: Mindful Meditation And Happiness

Duration: 4:19 min

  • Video 10: Successful People Who Meditate

Duration: 3:19 min

  • Video 11: Great Mindful Meditation Apps

Duration: 4:22 min

  • Video 12: The Benefits of Mindful Meditation

Duration: 9:15 min

  • Video 13: Create A Mindful Life

Duration: 5:31 min

  • Video 14: Conclusion

Duration: 5:48 min

  • Video 15 Advertise your firms and get new customers 

  • Facebook Advertising video class

  • Youtube  Advertising Promoting your services to buying customers!

  • Business Administration & Development


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.  The price of the class is  $149,  After you make your payment you will receive an official enrollment email with a receipt as well as your PayPal receipt with the transaction. As you enroll you can start immediately. You will immediately receive the links to log into class and start! 

What is included with the class includes:

  • Over 10 Electronic Books  

  • Business Administration Forms

  • An online business advertising class

  • Access to the work and business online support center

  • Lifetime access to class  

  • Free ongoing live  Facebook support group 

There is a $25 Dollar Refund Administrative Fee - No refunds after the student has gained access to classes and materials. 

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