Here at The Luminary Leaders Metaphysical Arts School our light workers classes are built around you. Our classes are for individuals seeking to build a full-time business and career in the diversified service of healing &  love. We know how busy your schedule is, too, so our day, evening, and weekend classes put you back in control. We are a school like no other, we are building a community where we help each other, we are here to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality—your union with Love itself! Our online school for spiritual awakening is a step-by-step series of short classes that will immerse you in the tools to inspire your path to your own self-discovery, leaving you with a treasure of awareness and new life and spiritual skills that can never be taken away, and in this awareness, you become a genuine and dedicated healer to our world.  The world is starting to open up more exploring and seeking to find the answers to life.

Are you really ready to admit there has to be a better way?
Do you truly desire to open to a direct experience of Agape love?
Are you ready to question everything you think you think and think you know?

Many teachers and gurus talk about living in the unknown. This is often too abstract an idea to apply to daily life. It becomes dismissed as simply a good idea to meditate on. To a mind addicted to fear and guilt, with layers of unworthiness, and negative, superficial and social pre-recorded misconceptions,  it remains unattainable, blocking our true creative ability. Yet through Quantum Forgiveness, we have an opportunity to see the false as false and remember our true Self as pure presence. It is in that inner healing that we get in the pure space to start truly changing our lives and the lives of others. 

The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth.
– A Course in Miracles


Mind Training

There are specific steps needed to guide you out of the Maya of time and space. The Luminary Leaders Metaphysical Arts School uses a step-by-step process that allows the mind to gently open, and in turn, build the trust that is needed for Awakening. Direct experience is beyond all words. Our curriculum is designed to take the student into an experience of present peace and to start working in self-healing to achieve the higher vibrational frequency needed to heal others in a dignified way.



We focus on healing the subconscious and changing our thoughts rather than our behavior, thereby releasing guilt, blame, and shame to come to see that our only responsibility is for our state of mind! With our classes, meditation, prayer, and pause will permeate your life experience, and will no longer be a separate act. Becoming practiced in mindfulness and inner focus, feelings of deprivation, meaninglessness, and separation will melt away, and make way for true fulfillment and inspiration. In this expansion of the mind, the discovery of your inner strength and limitlessness nature can naturally unfold. The Luminary Leaders Metaphysical Arts School is here solely to invigorate your heart’s desire to know thyself well and heal yourself so you can start healing others.



In each one of our short but substantial classes, we  teach practical applications

There is clearly a need for study and there are many options available throughout the cosmos. The Luminary Leaders Metaphysical Arts School focuses primarily on the practical application of ACIM teachings, and immersion into an experience of pure being. Throughout the classes you will:

  • Participate in modules focusing on the deep metaphysics, perennial wisdom, and ancient knowledge from East and West healing modalities, Indigenous modalities, and their practical application.

  • ​In some classes, we will explore the mystical teachings and insights of mystics, sages, and saints from many traditions.

  • Discover how the perspective of quantum physics can lead you into an experience of the unified field as described by Rumi.

  • Practice mindfulness and advanced forgiveness techniques to release the beliefs preventing you from knowing yourself and the power of the mind, thus allowing the mind to awaken.

  • Be guided into an experience of stillness, using online assignments to develop intuition and trust in the inner voice.

  • Engage in metaphysical treatments and sessions development designed to support you in watching the screen of your life, the purpose of which is to get in touch with buried emotions and unconscious beliefs in the mind.

  • Learn about the rules and regulations in the US of modern healing practices and storefronts as well as phone & video at home phone spiritual healers and advisers.

The wide range of spiritual developing classes gives you the opportunity to pursue your real-life purpose and train to start working and start developing the career of your dreams, helping ad bringing your spiritual gifts to the world and get well compensated in one of the oldest services in world History.  Every class is carefully delivered by experienced light-workers in the educational Industry, Spiritualists who live dedicated to this art of love and light. Learn more and apply today to take a step towards a future you can be proud of.

Classes delivered both On-Campus and Online

Indigenous  Ancestral Medicine


The Modern Herbalist & Naturopathy


Crystal & Energy  Healing


Reiki & Usui Holy Fire Levels one to Master Trainer


The Shamanic Journey  


Neuro-linguistic Programming  Sciences


Online Intuitive Advisers Business


The Journey of the spirit

Spiritual Intuition Development


Prayers, Rituals & Metaphysical Treatments 

King Solomon Healing Modalities

Intuition Development for business & at the workplace

Intuition Development for Sales Executives & HR Management 

Who are our students 
 People who have a natural ability and enjoy helping  others  challenging times  
People who are compassionate and genuinely caring about women's issues 
People, even with no experience, that have a natural interest to offer advice & guidance and/or healing services in an industry that involves heavy interaction with people
Sales Executives and entry-level  sales professionals of all Industries and levels
Human Resources, HR Generalists, Staffing Agents & pre-screening interviewers 
People who are healers wanting to work from home and storefront practices 
Storefront owners wanting to expand their practice to include other healing modalities
Healers wanting to understand the business part of the Industry and how to expand
Psychic Store  Owners wanting to expand to serve online in the networks and expand to provide healing  services 
People who do not have any psychic abilities but would like to learn how to deliver readings online
People wanting to learn about the secrets used by the "PROFESSIONALS " 
People wishing to share your loving sympathy to those individuals that are lonely and do not have anyone that cares to advise them in their own network of friends
People wanting to learn how to use their natural intuition for love and career success to heal our planet while earning great compensation
People who have a serious interest in life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching as a career
People wanting to join one of the most beautiful and rewarding industries in the world, doing what they probably do every day with their friends, giving "logical advice"
People that are serious about maximizing the success opportunities and educating themselves on how to do things right from the first time and avoid all mistakes that could make you potentially ruin the career opportunity for you
Healers, Psychics, Shaman, Intuitive Advisers and others looking to get trained to serve and heal and need an immediate tangible income  
Other student perks 

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Additional Private Coaching & Classes   

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