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Here at The Luminary Leaders School, our classes are built around you. Our classes are for individuals seeking to build a full-time business and career in the diversified Industry. We know how busy your schedule is, too, so our day, evening, and weekend classes put you back in control when taking live classes with us and a customized experience when you take our self paced online high quality classes.

We are a school like no other, we are building a community where we help each other, we are here to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality—your union with your  abundant self by offering  family style old school online support  with our live short classes and "how To"  self paced courses and online workshops that will have you up and running fast.


Our online school offers a step-by-step series of short classes and courses that will immerse you in the tools to inspire your path to your own self-discovery, leaving you with a treasure of awareness and quick transferable skills that can never be taken away, and in this awareness, you become a genuine and dedicated self-employed worker and develop your own business or work for other great firms serving our world.  The world is starting to open up more to exploring and seeking to find more telecommuter self employed professionals, and small businesses services.


Many teachers and entrepreneurial gurus talk about living in the unknown. This is often too abstract an idea to apply to daily life. It becomes dismissed as simply a good idea to meditate on. To a mind addicted to fear and guilt, with layers of unworthiness, and negative, superficial and social pre-recorded misconceptions,  it remains unattainable, blocking our true creative ability. Yet through jumping and getting the tools we need to advance in our small businesses , we have an opportunity to see the false as false and remember our true Self as pure presence. It is in that inner healing that we get in the pure space to start truly changing our lives and the lives of others.  e are meant to live a life of abundance and fulfillment.   The classes we offer are for people who are trying to open up their businesses or  work from home as well as the selp employed.


We focus on mindfulness and inner focus, in this expansion of the mind, the discovery of your inner strength and limitlessness nature can naturally unfold. The Luminary Leaders School is here solely to invigorate your heart’s desire to learn quick skills to get things moving fast and in a progressive manner.

In each one of our short but substantial classes, we  teach practical applications

There is clearly a need for study and there are many options available throughout the cosmos. The Luminary Leaders School focuses primarily on the practical application of simple self-paced quick money making courses and self development skills.

  • Participate in modules focusing on the deep subjects to develop with a focus on developing your own business practices, 

The wide range of quick mind, technology  & spiritual developing classes gives you the opportunity to pursue your real-life purpose and train to start applying your skills fast Every class live and pre-recorded high quality modules  are carefully delivered by experienced professionals in their own Industry.  Our classes are not meant to be taken as Educational scholastic Accredited College degrees, we are not certified as a college, so this courses are not going to earn you a degree. Our classes are designed to be offered as quick and effective directional training so you can absorb the info, get the skills and start applying what you are learning as you go! 

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