The Online Psychics/Intuitive Adviser's Business Class

4-day certification class dates  & 1 Live call taking day  

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All ebooks and materials included  live first call taking day  support 


Hours: 4 day  live online Certification Online interactive Classroom

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E books: Over 10 E-books and other E-materials included

This is a professional detailed and easy training class for individuals wishing to work as an independent contractor taking calls in association with the global Psychic, Love Advice, Life Advice, Career Advice or Spiritual Advice Networks. This program will get you all you need to start taking calls including “LIVE” via Facebook Private Group assistance and Coaching during your first call taking day! How to deliver memorable spiritual and motivational readings even when you have no experience or Superpowers. This is an industry that has always been and will always be in high demand especially during this time when our world is hurting so much and is in need of healers.  Our purpose is to teach members of our community to heal others and motivate others in need. To help our world find peace and harmony via logical and spiritual Adviser. Experience is not needed, what is needed is a true sense of compassion, logic, motivating personality and a superior level of energy to motivate others.  


Life should be fun, exciting and a great adventure that we can create on our own terms. We want to introduce our training to people who have natural abilities to care for others and motivate others and provide loving advice to others in need, of a friend, or someone who can give an honest opinion when everyone else has failed, to help. The Industry is in great demand and it will always be in high demand.  If you have the soul of a healer, if you love advising others in their daily life questions, then we may very well have the right opportunity for you.​  Experience is not needed we provide the training you need, by the time you finish our training you will know way more than a lot of the Psychics out there in the market.  You can start working in just a few hours, we walk with you all the way until your very first call taking day. 

This is a very generous class and I will be giving you a full, detailed and generous class, that brings over 15 E-Books and over 10 Gifts for your new Online practice. I  provide fast clear lessons that bring palpable results, which will help you deliver memorable sessions even with no prior experience at all, in more awareness, confidence, and fun. I will be online with you via Facebook Chat during your first call taking a day, working with the largest networks in the world. You learn to recognize the parts that are important to start taking calls in just a few days and learn as you earn.

 Module 1 Lesson 1 

  • The Business

  • Getting ready 

  • The importance of color 

  • Metaphysical Journal & Learning 

  • Important downloads  

  • E-books  


Module 2  

  • The challenges & Regulations 

  • Psychic or Logical Questions Or Logical Answers

  • Psychics

  • Special & Difficult Callers

  • Other Free & Paid Resources & Development Sites

  • Ebooks

Module  3 

  • Advising Career  Related Callers 

  • Tarot & Oracle  Related Callers 

  • Part 2 Tarot & Oracle Related Callers 

  • Advising Life Advice Related Callers

  • Free Great Resources that will have you deliver  readings like a PRO

Module 4 

  • Network Registration & Winning Profile Design

  • A PRAYER FOR Attunement after difficult customers or sad calls

  • Marketing Tips  For Intuitive s & Healers

  • Expand your firm's income potential 

  • Call Taking Day Support